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Download this file (SEN Policy - Final.pdf)    SEN Policy - March 2017

Download this file (Accessibility Plan 06.15.pdf)    Accessibility Plan - June 2015

More information can be found on the Somerset Choices website:


Telephone: 01373 465353 and request Ms Su Perkins (SENCO) 

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Under Review

The Local Offer - Questions and answers regarding Special Educational Needs.

Frome College - Special Educational Needs (SEN) offer

Click to download 'The Local Offer' in PDF format

Access to Learning

Are you a Parent or Carer concerned that your son or daughter is having difficulties with their learning and literacy?
This may include:

  • Reading and Spelling
  • Numeracy Skills
  • Processing Information
  • Concentration and Listening Skills
  • Memory
  • A specific Learning and difficulty eg Dyslexia, ADHD

Frome College can offer support with Quality First Teaching Accelerated Reader Programme:

  • Catch up Literacy Intervention
  • Catch up Numeracy Intervention
  • Success Maker – Numeracy Intervention
  • Assessment and identification of particular difficulty
  • A supported Homework Club
  • Support from the County Learning Support Services
  • Access to Educational Psychologist

Speech Language and Communication
The Young Person has difficulties with their Speech, Language and Communication Skills. This may include:

  • Understanding Language
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Communicating with adults and peers
  • A diagnosis of ASD.
  • Frome College can offer support with Quality First Teaching
  • Strong transition from Middle School
  • Appropriate interventions
  • Accelerated Reader Programme
  • Referral to Speech & Language Therapy
  • Testing for further assessment
  • Support from ASD Advisory Team at County, also the Learning Support Services

Sensory and Physical Needs
Your son or daughter may have difficulties with:

  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Mobility and/or co-ordination
  • Personal Care.

Frome College can offer support with Quality First Teaching

  • Support from Teaching Assistants training by our County Hearing Impaired, Visually impaired and Physically Impaired Advisors, plus Health Professionals.
  • Accessible classrooms
  • Fully accessible site
  • Access to Homework Club
  • Support with Personal Care
  • Appropriately adapted resources
  • Adapted equipment.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

The Young Person has difficulties with Social, Emotional or Mental Health. This may include:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Self-esteem and self-perception
  • Issues with relationships

Frome College can offer support by Quality First Teaching.

  • Access to counsellors.
  • Support of PFSA.
  • Referral to appropriate health professionals.
  • Support of CAMHS.
  • Access to the Educational Psychologist.
  • ELSA TA trained to offer Emotional Support to students in school.
  • Access to supported Homework Club.
  • Strong Pastoral System to support all students.

Trained staff to notice a young person who may be experiencing a particular difficulty.

Tell Someone – a form for students to report that they have a concern about themselves or are reporting a concern regarding a friend.

How do we identify students with SEND
We liaise closely with our two feeder middle schools – who provide us with all the information about your son or daughter.

Our SENCo, Mrs V West, may be invited to meet you at the Young Persons Annual Review in Year 8. You are also welcome to contact her at Frome College and arrange a meeting to alloy any concerns you may have.

We will organise extra visits for the students in the Summer Term. They can begin to familiarise themselves with the campus and key staff who will be working with them.

Advice and guidance is offered on the choice of GCSE options which the students start in Year 9.

All Year 9 students will undergo specific tests and assessments. If we have any concerns then we may visit to implement further specific tests to identify a particular need.

Most importantly of all we want to work as a partnership with you as Parents/Carers and the Young Person in order to provide for them the best education possible.

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